An Update

It’s been a long while since I’ve made a post. Although the blog has been collecting cobwebs, my mind is undergoing constant cleaning and renovation. I’ve spent the last couple of months solidifying previous knowledge, learning new things, and practising –though I wish I did more of the last one.

A few of the more interesting skills that I picked up include VBA and Apache Spark, both through MOOCS. The introduction to Apache Spark class offered by Berkeley through edX was fantastic, and I’m currently signed up for the next class: Scalable Machine Learning. I hope to repeat my 100% score in that class and earn an XSeries certificate.

One of the next items on my plate is the first class in Coursera’s Genomic Data Science Certificate. I’ve always been fascinated by genetics, but concrete expression of this interest has been lacking until now. I’m planning to take the whole six/seven class sequence.

On the reading side of things, I recently finished Data Science With Open Source Tools by Phillip K. Janert. I never get tired of that “Ah Ha!” moment when the depths of concepts one previously learned suddenly become blindingly clear. The book I’m going to tackle next is Programming Collective Intelligence.

Learning never ends.

To close, I return to the issue of practicing that I mentioned before. It has been too sporadic for my tastes, as I often get caught up in other learning paths. Still, I have managed some praxis. There are a few small analyses that I have yet to post on GitHub, and some simple scripts that I’ve written and posted as gists. My next goal involving scaling up in both Data Science and Software Engineering. One good side effect of my intense focus elsewhere is that I now have a lot of ideas.

Now it’s time to turn them into reality.

Written on July 4, 2015