Week 2

This post is almost a week late and with good reason. The pace moved up several notches in the second week of the bootcamp as we started out with a deep dive into Data Visualization in R geared towards using ggplot2. After two days of intensive visualization work, we moved onto building a knowledge base of building data products with Shiny. On top of lectures and lengthy assignments designed to stretch our limits, my peers and I also had to juggle working on completing our first project, the focus of which was the art of visualizing data. At the end of the week our first lab session served to cement all that we had learned in the four days prior.

After previously seeing ggplot2 in passing, Week 2 of the bootcamp instilled a firm appreciation of the package’s wonderful mix of form and functionality. Matplotlib with all its power devoid of elegance is clearly inferior, in my mind. My plan is to use ggplot2 with working in both Python and R from now on. In time, I hope that yhat’s Python port of the packages reaches the level of its ancestor.

I’ll be brief in my musings on Shiny. Shiny looks awesome. I can’t wait to work with it for my second project.

Tomorrow I plan to post my thoughts on this past week (also known as Week 3). Highlights include the cohort’s first steps in Machine Learning and the presentations of our first project.

Written on October 9, 2015