Week 8

In the eight week we started off with a quick discussion of some hard Computer Science concepts in Python. These included sorting algorithms and data structures. After that we moved on to R to talk about all the theory behind Trees, Random Forests, Bagging, and Boosting. There was a lot of practice as well, of course.

We also had representatives from Keen Homes, an I.O.T company, come in to give a talk on their product, and the Data Science questions they were interested in answering. The offer is out there for members of the cohort to work on one of these problems. Iā€™m definitely interested.

I myself ended the week with four of my fellow cohort members in a meeting with the C.E.O of a company who had spoken to the cohort in Week 7. With my drive to drastically beef up my portfolio as the bootcamp draws to an end, the final four weeks will be a busy time.

In Week 8 we move from CS to DS in Python as we explore Machine Learning with scikit-learn, and also explore other Machine Learning algorithms in R.

Written on November 15, 2015