Shirts And An Unruly Chat App

Build-A-Weekend (for now and ever called BAW) continued some time on Saturday. I dabbled with the UI of the Kivy app I’m building, but didn’t really get much done.

BAW began early Sunday morning with me spending a couple of hours sorting out my tee-shirt website. Yeah. I created and uploading some new designs, and made some cosmetic changes to the pre-fab website. I haven’t dipped my feet into the marketing waters yet, so no sales. I’ll do that once I get a couple more created.

Sunday ended with some more App UI and a lot of time trying to integrate chat into the application. It was going pretty smoothly for a while - as things usualy do when you have reference material - but then a giant snag generated by two lines of code proved to be the catalyst for my current headache. I’m now closer to fixing the problem than when it first began. I’ll give it until tomorrow morning before I seek directed help.

Despite the weak start on Saturday, I think BAW 2.0 went well. I would have even put some time into another idea if the aforementioned problem hasdn’t popped up.

Written on August 6, 2017