My First Bot

I wanted to make a bot for a long time, and I just got around to it a couple of days ago. My Markov Philosophy Bot relies on the input of five philosophical works into a Markov Chain to produce its own philosophical musings. The works I downloaded from Project Gutenberg were:

1) Beyong Good and Evil

2) The Analysis of Mind

3) The Critique of Pure Reason

4) The Prince

5) The Republic

My pipeline leaned heavily on existing tools. I used Guten-gutter to clean up the texts, and markovify took care of the heavy Markov Chain lifting. All that was left was to deploy the bot. I moved it to an EC2 instance, and wrote a cronjob that calls the bot to tweet three times a day.

You can find the bot here and its code here.

Written on October 16, 2016